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Uniform Policy

Dress Code Policy

  1. Clothing
    1. Shirts: No visible brand or logo.  Hunter green, white, or black 3 or 4 button Polo style shirt with collar, standard or long sleeves.  Shirts must be tucked in at all times and appropriately sized.
    2. T-Shirts: A hunter green, gray, black, or white undershirt/turtleneck may be worn under the uniform shirt.  The undershirts must not have designs.  No emblems or logos are allowed, except the optional school approved logo.  Top must be tucked in at all times.
    3. Bottoms:  Bottoms may include, pants, shorts, capris, skirts, skorts, and jumpers.  No designs, brand, or logo, stripes, or contrasting thread color, etc.  All bottoms will be khaki cotton twill, standard khaki brown, black, or sand color.  NO suspenders, NO CARGO PANTS, NO khaki color jeans OR BLACK JEANS, NO JOGGERS (elastic waist and elastic legs).  Slacks and shorts must have a waistband with belt loops.  Leggings will not suffice as pants and may only be worn with a dress/skirt meeting requirements.  NO JEGGINGS will be allowed. All dresses, skirts, walking shorts, and skorts can be no more than four inches above the knee when measured with the student in kneeling position.
    4. Belts: Uniform bottoms with loops must be worn with a belt.  All belts are to be buckled or fastened.  Belts must be worn with slacks and shorts.  Belt buckles should be reasonable size
    5. Socks:  Socks are required at all times
    6. Shoes: No specific style or color of shoe is required: however, shoes that have wheels are not permitted. No sandals, flip flops, thongs, slides, house slippers, or shower shoes may be worn. No open-toed or backless shoes will be allowed. All shoes must be buckled, laced, and tied with appropriate length of laces. Tennis shoes must have the original shoe laces.
    7. Outerwear: Uniform shirt must be worn under jackets/outerwear. When weather necessitates, all coats and windbreakers must be of a reasonable fit. Jackets and coats can have hoods, but hoods may only be worn outside. No long, below the knee dusters or trench coats. While indoors all jackets, coats, and hoodies must remain unzipped at all times. Hoodies must be Mansfield Middle School specific OR solid grey, black, or green.
    8. Headwear: Knit caps may be worn outside only in extremely cold weather.
    9. Grooming Hair and Facial Hair

Hair on male students should not descend below the bottom of the ear lobe or touch the top of the collar in the backs.

Traditional cornrows and/or braids are permitted if hair is neatly done and follows all other hair guidelines.

Bangs should not descend below the eyebrow

Hair rollers and extreme hair styles are not permitted if they are deemed by the principal as a distraction.

  1. Jewelry: Excessive and or inappropriate jewelry is not permitted.  Nose rings/studs, body piercing with jewelry, tongue studs, eyebrow rings, etc. are not permitted.  No buttons may be worn unless they are school spirit.
  2. Book Bags:  Only Clear or Mesh Book Bags
  3. Emblems and Insignia:  Any combination of clothing and jewelry that law enforcement agencies currently consider gang-related are not permitted.  Discriminatory, obscene or drug/alcohol related emblems, insignia, jewelry, signs, speech or literature that is discriminatory, inflammatory or derogatory toward any sex, race, nationality, creed, political or philosophical group, is obscene or contains profanity, or makes reference to drugs, alcohol and/or tobacco are not permitted.  No buttons may be worn unless they are school spirit.


See-through clothes, inappropriate tight-fitting apparel, attire that exposes the midsection, or clothing or apparel that is considered unsafe, dangerous, or a health hazard is prohibited – even if it otherwise follows the student uniform dress code. Clothing must meet all uniform guidelines, regardless of the label of information.




Addendum to Badge Policy

If students do not come to school with his or her ID badge, then he/she will be required to purchase a temporary badge for $1.00.  Students who do not have a dollar for a temporary ID will be placed on a “Mansfield Middle School Debt” list.  Students must bring the dollar the next school day.  If the student does not pay their debt, they will not be able to participate in any school activities (PBIS celebrations, campus activities, fieldtrips, etc.).