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ID Badge Policy

MMS Student ID Badge Policy

MMS Student ID Badge Policy

To care for our students is our primary concern at Mansfield Middle School. As we work to keep our students safe, student identification badges will be provided for every student.

Student identification badges authorize students to be on campus, to move from class, throughout the school, and to participate in school related functions. Knowing each student by name on campus is challenging. Therefore, we must mandate that all students wear their identification badges at all times. Safety of our students and staff is non-negotiable as it supports our staff in identifying students and trespassers.

Students must wear badges in order to:

  • Enter classes
  • Leave the classroom
  • Borrow library books
  • Participate in campus activities
  • Remain on campus after school

The student identification badge must be worn around the neck with a lanyard, on the shirt lapel, or on the outside of a jacket in the same manner.

The cost of a replacement badge is $3.00. Temporary badges may be purchased as soon as the student enters school and prior to reporting to 1st class for $1.00.

Consequences for noncompliance:

- If students do not come to school with his or her ID badge, then he/she will be required to purchase a temporary badge for $1.00.  Students who do not have a dollar for a temporary ID will be placed on a “Mansfield Middle School Debt” list.  Students must bring the dollar the next school day.  If the student does not pay their debt, they will not be able to participate in any school activities (PBIS celebrations, campus activities, fieldtrips, etc.).  

- If a student is wearing someone else’s badge, or a badge with the wrong year, it will result in the following consequences:

  1.  1st Offense:  Parent Contact with ISS
  2. 2nd Offense:  Written Referral with 1 day OSS
  • After-School Detention
    • If a student does not attend ASD, the student will be suspended the next school day.


These violations are cumulative for the school year. Refusal to provide access to ID badges to an adult on campus is insubordination, which shall result in a major referral to the office of the administration.