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Student Supply List

5th Grade Supply List

4-Composition notebooks(NO spirals)
3-PLASTIC folders with brads and pockets
1-pkg loose leaf paper
Pencils (4pkg-1 pkg in each class)
1-Bottle glue 
1-Construction paper (girls)
1-pkg Manila drawing paper (boys)
1-pkg colored pencils 
Clorox wipes
Germ X (large bottle, NO trial size)
Paper towels (3pk)
3 boxes of Kleenex

Boys to Homeroom teacher: 1 box gallon Ziplocks
Girls to Homeroom teacher: 1 box sandwich size Ziplocks


6th Grade Supply List

1 pack loose leaf paper
1 pack pencils
1 box of tissue
1 bottle GermX

Social Studies
Large 3 ring binder (for all classes)
4 Dividers
1 pack loose leaf paper
1 pack pencils
Pencil sharpener with lid
1 box Kleenex

1 pack colored pencils (24 count)
Graphing paper
1 pack loose leaf paper
1 pack dry erase markers (4 count)
1 pack of pencils
1 4 pack Glue sticks

1 plastic folder
1 pack pencils
1 pack loose leaf paper
1 box Kleenex
1 bottle GermX
1 box Bandaids


7th Grade Supply List

-2 packages of wide rule loose leaf paper
-1 package mechanical pencils (using mechanical only)
-1 package of dividers with tabs
-1 red pocket folder
-1 yellow pocket folder
-1 package of Fine Tip Expo Dry Erase Markers
-1 box of Kleenex

Social Studies 
-1 inch 3 Ring Binder
-1 box of Kleenex
-1 package of Highlighters
-1 package of colored Pencils
-Loose Leaf Paper

-1 inch Binder
-1 box of Kleenex
-1 composition notebook
-1 package of dividers with tabs
-1 pocket folder
-2 packages of 24 count pencils

-2 packs of index cards 
-1 box of pencils
-1 box Kleenex
-1 bottle GermX


8th Grade Supply List

2 packs (24 count) pencils
2 Plastic Pocket Folders with Brads/Holes
1 Pack Colored Pencils (12 count)
4 Packs Loose leaf paper (1 pack per subject)
1 Composition Notebook
1 3-inch 3-ring Binder (for ELA and Social Studies)
2 packs Tab dividers for Binder (5 pack)
1 3-Subject Notebook (Social Studies)
2 packs Index cards (100 pack)
1 box Kleenex (Girls only to Homeroom teacher)
1 Bottle GermX (Boys only to Homeroom teacher)