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Mansfield Middle School

Mansfield Middle School Administration 

Kevin Gardner, Principal

Karla Renter, Administrative Assistant

Shelia Coleman, Administrative Assistant

MMS Model


MMS Mission

The Care of Students: The district champions “students’ safety” as employees’ first responsibility. We work collaboratively with the Department of Students Services, to provide a safe,orderly learning environment. Strategic systems are in place to ensure that  each child is valued, cared for  recognized and  their individual needs are addressed.

Ensure Student Learning: Student learning is the district's top priority. We work collaboratively with the Department of Student Learning to ensure the success of all students. Our TAP model provides the training, support, and professional development that effectively contributes to student success. 

Celebrate Students' Graduation as Citizens Prepared to Transform Their Dreams into Realities: Our students are our future, thus their dreams are our dreams. Teachers help students set that dreams into motion in PreK and celebrate the realities of those dreams upon their graduation.We provide optimized learning and mentoring experiences that prepare students to transition to high  school ready to pursue flexible career pathways, and gain competencies essential for success and leadership in an emerging global economy.


Master Teachers

Tasha Dawson

Amanda LaFollette


Lead Teachers

Cathy Johnson

Tamara Powell

Heather Fort


Our Community